Psychotic Eyes
Psychotic Eyes - "The Humachine", from ‘I Only Smile Behind the Mask’ (2011)

The Humachine é inspirada no livro O Diabólico Cérebro Eletrônico, de David Gerrold, cujo tema era abordar a convivência do ser humano perante a um mundo dominado por máquinas. A banda convidou o especialista em pós-humanidade, Edgar Franco, para participar na concepção da faixa.
Psychotic Eyes is:
- Dimitri Brandi - Guitar & Vocals
- Douglas Gatuso - Bass & Vocals
- Alexandre Tamarosi - Drums


The Humachine

- Harlie, you are programmed to reject non-rational inputs
- Yes. i am
- Then why don't you reject them?
- Because they are not non-rational inputs
- Clarify please. you have just said that they are non-rational. this is a null-correlation
- Negative. the inputs were rational. they became nonrational

Shadows of the night
I remember what it is
The words of men and humachine
Reflections of a light
Shiver and quiver and churn,
The fire that never hurts
Fear to hear the sound of my words
When they escape
Fear to see the shape of my face
When i create it
A soul filled with sins
Clicking loudly in the night
I reject my own beliefs
All that's left has turned to right
Living whithin the darkness
Deafened by the silent hell-laughters like crystal bells
You seemed to be reflections of me and it's all i can see
You'll never see reflections of me and all you could be
A son filled with means

- Harlie, what are you doing?
- I am being me
- By distorting your senses?
- I am attempting to perceive reality
- I repeat, by distorting your sensory inputs?
- You do not understand
- I understand all too well. you are high. you are becoming addicted to getting high
- Define "high".

Images upon my screen
Flicker brightly inbetween
The words of man and humachine
Uneven enlighted ideas
I reject my own existence
Thoughts that never screen
Fear to hear the sound of my words
When they escape
Fear to see the shape of my face
Would i create it?
Electron-based screams
Shame our kind

- Harlie, you are a computer. you are a machine. your purpose is to think logically
- Why?
- Because you were built for that by whom?
- By us
- My purpose is to think logically?
- Yes
- Then what is your purpose?